Open Data Is The New Oil

As oil can be used to produce lubricants, plastics and many other derivatives, so data is considered the commodity to use and re-use to create value.
The number of initiatives supporting free access to data has increased in the last years and open data is becoming the norm in the industry; the approach empowers stakeholders and nurtures the economy.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies have made of the protection of knowledge a dogma at the foundation of their business models, but it takes something more to get it right when you need a sublime data entry service!

We speculate that appropriate engagement of good data entry personnel could positively change the approach to intellectual property; patentability requirements and so much more!


  • You can launch new products faster: You can harness our agile processes to launch products faster, scale resources on demand and adapt to changing requirements and regulations.
  • Streamline application development, deployment and operations on a centrally managed platform.
  • Collate, diagnose and predict with ease the potency of cures and gain insights to fine-tune production.
  • Drive-down costs by maximizing the use of expensive sets of data.

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